Blaire Harris

Portrayed By:



11-12 (Season 3)
12-13 (Season 4)
13-14 (Season 5)


Mermaid/Siren-Human Hybrid


Breathing Underwater
Siren Singing

First Appearance:

Splash of Knowledge


Andrew Harris (father)
Terra Harris (mother)
Unnamed Grandmother

Best Friends:

Amy Samuels
Kelsey Cork
Brenna Edwards


Tess Samuels (possibly)

Blaire is a reoccurring character in the series.

Appearance Edit

Blaire is around the girls' age, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Personality Edit

She is obsessed with squirrels and loves hanging out with the girls, who she claims are her only friends due to her being home-schooled. She can get very giddy.

Series Edit

Season 3 Edit

Blair is introduced is "A Splash of Knowledge", when she sees Amy, Brenna and Kelsey swimming. She then reveals to them that she knew all about their secret, but kept it safe. They learn that her mom, Terra, was a mermaid and that she left Blaire and her dad to live in the ocean.

Season 4 Edit

In Season 4, it's revealed that Blaire is half mermaid, but could also be even stronger than them. Later, she falls into Amy's pool, grumbling about her mom. There, she discovers that she can actually breath underwater ("Child might inherit same sort of power" from the note that that they saw in Terra's belongings). In the Season 4 finale, Blaire was reunited with her mother and swam away to be with her.

Season 5 Edit

In Season Five, she is mentioned when the girls were talking about how her birthday was coming up soon. They throw her a birthday party; the activities included eating chocolate cake, and watching "Up." She makes her final appearance in the series finale, telling the girls a way to get rid of their powers for good: the 'Blood Moon'.

Trivia Edit

  • Her birthday is May 11th, which is the day her mom left.
  • Her favorite animal is a squirrel.
  • Her favorite movie is "Up."