"See!! They're trying to take you away from me!!"

-Brenna, Season 4, Webisode 3

Brenna (Claire) is a fictional character in SLM. She was the second mermaid and is best friends with Amy (Christine).

Brenna has anger issues ever since a solar eclipse. Every time she gets angry, she freaks out and attacks anyone who annoyed her. Kelsey and Amy are helping her control this though, but Kelsey usually denies that she is accomplishing anything.

Season 1 Edit

Brenna is Amy's new neighbour in this season. She saved Amy from a fishing net. That was the first time she saw a mermaid, but she thought it was a fish. The second time was the Season Finale, where she took a photo of a mermaid and even followed her. The mermaid was Amy. Amy led her to the cave and she became a mermaid. Amy discovered this when Brenna got wet.

Season 2 Edit

Brenna is becoming friendlier with Amy, but Kelsey doesn't like it. But Brenna soon grows away from her as Amy becomes more forgetful. They make up again, though. Kelsey finds out Brenna is a mermaid when she is talking to Amy and Brenna mentions going to a magic cave. During the Season Finale, Brenna rushes to the rescue with Amy as they try to find the scrapbook. When Kelsey goes missing, she is shown to be swimming very fast in order to save Kelsey.

Seaon 3 Edit

Brenna has a yellow tail and fiery powers in this season. In a solar eclipse, Brenna becomes less patient and mean. Although in the end she stops this from happening, this happens frequently.

Season 4 Edit

Brenna is still her usual funny self and if she isn't, Amy uses her water powers and she's back again. But in Season 4 Episode 3, when Amy's water should've stopped Brenna from her tantrum, it instead makes her angry and slightly tipsy as she takes Amy's ball and calls him Prince Charming and plots to take over the world with him.