Brenna Edwards

Portrayed By:

Claire Daxon


Unknown Parents
Lilly Edwards(younger sister)
Grace Edwards(younger sister)






Amy Samuels
Kelsey Cork
Blaire Harris


Tess Samuels
Terra Harris

First Appearance:

Fishy Trouble

Brenna is one of Amy's two best friends in Secret Life of a Mermaid. Brenna is the second mermaid to be introduced to the show.

Series Edit

After Amy was transformed into a mermaid, Brenna started to get suspicious of her, and eventually followed her to the cave, where Brenna was transformed. Amy first found out that Brenna was a mermaid when she found Brenna sitting in the shower. In the third series, Brenna re-entered the cave, turning her tail yellow.

Appearance Edit

Brenna had strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. Brenna originally had a rainbow tail, but after re-entering the cave, her tail became yellow. Her small, heart-shaped, mermaid necklace is yellow, which she found in her fire pit.

Personality Edit

Amy was introduced to Brenna in Season 1, and she and Amy became best friends, but they soon let Kelsey into their gang as well, even though they weren't so friendly at first. She also is friends with Blaire and Bill the ball. Brenna's powers sometimes get the better of her, making her do something bad(like abandoning her little sister).


Brenna's current powers are: Hydro-Thermokinesis: the power to heat and boil water, Pyrokinesis: the power to create fire, and Electrokinesis: The power to control electricity. Her powers seem to be the most dangerous out of the three, and can make her go crazy. However, before Kelsey became part of the group, Amy possessed all three water powers and Brenna had all three weather powers. The girls believe that this is because there can only be four mermaids in a century: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Gallery Edit


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