Cabin Fever is the third episode of Season 4

SUMARRY: After finishing a Geometry project, Kelsey decides to ride her bike home, only to discover that its raining outside. Now their stuck in Amy's house until it ends. They do everything they can think of...even prank calling someone! After playing a board game, Brenna exclaims that she bored of board gmes and starts to throw a temper tantrum until Amy sprays water on her. Amy finds her up in her room, slowly going crazy and frolicking with Amy's ball Prince Charming. Amy goes downstairs to find Kelsey who is also going crazy. Brenna and Kelsey attack and chase Amy around due to her confuscating Prince Charming from Brenna and Kelsey thinking Amy is food. When she's cornered, Amy sprays water on the deranged girls. After waking up, they dont remember going insane and leave because it stopped raininng. After they leave, Amy gets a call and learns its the girl they pranked earlier getting back at them.