Fire and Ice is the fifth episode of Season 4 .

SUMMARY: As we left off on episode 4, Blaire learns that she can breathe underwater, and Amy is still wondering if she's more powerful than a mermaid. Brenna is secretly tutoring Kelsey in Spanish. Kelsey accidentally sees a picture Lily drew of Brenna being a mermaid, making her spit water on both of them poping their tails. Kelsey thinks Lily might tell someone while Brenna thinks it's no big deal. They get in an arguement that ends with Brenna kicking Kelsey out of her house. After Kelsey leaves Brenna's house she accepts Amy's sleepover that she had been invited to while tutoring Kelsey. Kelsey calls Amy and asks if she and Amy can go for a morning swim the next day.Amy gladly accepts. Amy and Brenna watch Titanic (which Brenna gets distracted when Kelsey knocks on Amy's door). After some awkward moments Brenna storms out of Amy's house. Meanwhile, Blaire tries to learn more about Terra from her dad, but he suspects her friends have something to do with this and bans her from seeing them. Amy and Kelsey go on a swim where Kelsey asks if they're BEST FRIENDS, which Amy agrees to. Later, Brenna arrives to hang out with her BEST FRIEND. Amy thinks somethings going on because she's always complaining about Kelsey. Brenna reveals that she was helping Kelsey with Spanish, and they go out on Amy's trampoline. Kelsey arrives and her and Brenna argue over whose Amy's BEST FRIEND really is, and Amy reveals that she invited Kelsey over because they had some "serious cheese" to work out. But it makes it a whole lot worse when Kelsey and Brenna break out in World War Ill. Right when they're about to do a deadly blast at each other at the same time, Amy jumps in their way, getting hit in the process. She's not hurt, but ends up singing Safe And Sound making Kelsey and Brenna creeping out. Kelsey and Brenna apologize. It ends when Amy starts to sing "You Can't Always Get What You Want in their faces. Then, Brenna threatengly uses one of her powers making Amy walk away.

IMPORTANT NOTES: This may be Blaire's last appearance. Amy sings four times in this episode: You Gotta Have Friends, Safe And Sound, Love, and You Can't Always Get What You Want.