Hooked is the first episode of Season 4.


Amy finds Tess unconscious on the pool deck the day after their strange attack. Thinking it will strengthen their bond, Amy tells Tess her secret. Tess starts hanging out with Amy and her friends to learn more about them, and Kelsey gets skeptical. After trying to give her a donut, Amy reads Tess' email, finding out that she sent a package to a marine biology headquarters. She runs outside with Brenna as Tess is leaving to deliver the package. They learn that Kelsey was right when Brenna tells Amy that Tess had videotaped her using her powers and popping a tail when Tess "accidentally" spilled water on her, while Brenna thought it was just for fun. The two girls wonder what to do as they helplessly watch Tess drive away.


This is the first episode to have a cliffhanger that is not a finale.