In Deep Water is the fourth episode of Season 4

Charms Yellow: Brenna Blue: Amy Purple: Kelsey

SUMARRY:Blaire is back from Key Largo.The girls find out that Tess has been sent to boarding school.After helping Brenna look for bill the ball,they finally talk with Blaire.Blaire asks where Amy got her necklace and she says she found it while swimming.Kelsey wonders why she asked but she replies,"No reason,"Before leaving,Kelsey asks what her moms name was.Blaire answers her question by telling her its Terra and leaves.She goes into her moms room and looks through her stuff,finally finding a necklace exactly like her friends'.She takes it to Amy and she texts a pic to Kelsey.Kelsey quickly comes over,exclaiming "It's the elements!"She explains to Amy,Brenna,and Blaire that they make up the elements:Amy is water,Brenna is fire,she is air,and Terra is earth.While they're discussing this,Blaire runs off,angry that they're talking about her mom and falls in the water.Amy relizes this and jumps in after her.Shortly after the rescue,Blaire wakes up,saying that she could breathe underwater and starts panicking.Amy swims away,wondering if Blaire's something more powerful than a mermaid.

GOOFS: .Blaire says she can't swim and nearly drowns,but in Scarce Scales it shows her swimming with the rest of the girls.