Kelsey Cork

Portrayed By:

Emma Dunne




Jordan Cork(older sister)



Best Friends:

Amy Samuels
Brenna Edwards
Blaire Harris


Tess Samuels
Terra Harris

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"I hate not knowing things. It makes me feel all, NORMAL."

-Kelsey, Season 4, Episode 4, "In Deep Water"

Appearance Edit

Kelsey has long brown hair, green eyes, and light skin. Her mermaid tail is lime green, while her small, heart-shaped necklace is violet/purple.

Personality Edit

Kelsey can seem a bit bossy and stubborn, but she is actually very friendly and great to be around. She is very serious about keeping the secret safe, wanting to protect both herself and her friends.

Powers Edit

  • Hydro-Cryokinesis: the ability to freeze water
  • Cryokinesis: the ability to control ice and snow
  • Aerokinesis: the ability to control the wind.


Kelsey did not appear in Season 1. Her first appearance was in Season 2, Episode 3, "Whirl Pool", where her and Amy had a Science Project. Amy forgot about this, then shoved Brenna upstairs, where she begins to cause trouble. At first, it seemed that Kelsey did not like Brenna, as she thought that Amy had abandoned her. In Season 2, Episode 5, "Wet Christmas", she finds out about the secret, and begins to have nightmares about Amy's Tail. In Season 2, Episode 6, "Power Hour", she learns that Amy and Brenna have powers. Kelsey has made an attempt to become a mermaid; in Season 2, Episode 7, "High Tide", Amy and Brenna come over, and find a picture drawn by Kelsey of them as mermaids. They confront Kelsey, and tell her she can't become a mermaid. Kelsey gets angry about this, so later on she tries to get revenge on them and she runs off to turn into a mermaid, but Amy and Brenna stop her before she can do so. But, she becomes a mermaid in the Season 2 Finale (Part 2).

Season 3 Edit

In the Season 3 premiere, "New Waters", she pops her tail for the first time, which is lime green. In Season 3, Episode 2, "Practice Makes Perfect", We find out about Kelsey's power, which is wind. We also learn that she has a older sibling. In Episode 5, "Scarce Scales", she is revealed to be Blaire's tutor. In Episode 6, "Answers Found", she mixes a recipe that she found in Blaire's mom's stuff, and made Amy drink it. In episode 7, "Wild Fire", She was helping Amy on their project, when Brenna came and threatened her. In the Season 3 Finale, she tells Brenna to calm down, she also gets angry about how Tess knows about there secret. She was the one who told Amy not to go over to her house, because Tess might be pulling a scheme to see if they really are mermaids(which Amy doesn't listen to). She and Brenna chase her to her house and find out that Tess really is pulling a scheme; she lures Amy into the water(and does so with Brenna and Kelsey), when they become affected by the last sunset of the month and attack Tess.

Season 4 Edit

In the Season 4 premiere, "Hooked", she disapproves of Amy telling Tess that they're mermaids; when Tess wants to see their powers, she pulls Amy to the side telling her that Tess is trying to pull another scheme. This upsets Amy, so she kicks her out of her house. Later when Amy finds out that Tess was pulling a scheme and their secret will be out, she says "No, No, No! Kelsey's right! Why is Kelsey always right?"? to Brenna. In the Episode 2, "Briny Dilemma", She tells Amy "Fine, I TOLD you so!",? after Amy tells her: "Go ahead, SAY IT". They discover where the package is being sent, so they set off to Key West looking for it. While running, Kelsey hurts her ankle and is unable to walk, so Amy, Brenna, and Blaire carry her back to the ocean where she can swim.(Blaire said "According to my Hypothesis, your injured ankle will not affect your mermaidness.") In Episode 3, "Cabin Fever", she goes crazy because of the effect of Cabin Fever. In Episode 4 "In Deep Water", Kelsey gets grounded by her parents, but, when Blaire comes back, she sneaks out to get answers with the girls. She figures out what Terra's name stands for(Earth), and learns why there are four elements. In Episode 5, "Fire & Ice", she and Brenna get into a fight. In Episode 6, "In The Wake", she and the girls must look for Amy's cousin, after the sunset affects them. In Episode 7, "The Siren's Song", she helps with Amy and Brenna to 'jailbreak' Blaire, where Blaire tells the girls about how she has having dreams about her mom. Kelsey gets into a argument with her saying, "Its your subconscious fulling up holes in your memory". Blaire responds that it is not her subconscious, that it can't not be explained because her mom couldn't find the answer, then storms out of the house. Brenna and her get into a name-calling war, then an actual war that injures Amy, then stopping it. When Amy finds Terra's recording, Kelsey tells her and Brenna that Blaire is stuck with a Siren and they have to save her. In the Season 4 Finale, they tell their parents that they're sleeping at each other's houses for the night, then they set out to find Blaire. It is to no avail; they find her, but pass out. They find out that Blaire is gone, so they chase after her. They see her with Terra, who they try to pull her away from. Blaire refuses, swimming away with her mother. Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey go back home, upset, then Kelsey says that she has to go home.

Season 5 Edit

In the premiere, "Landslide", they're still somber about Blaire. Amy calls them, telling them that the police are at her house; they will coming to their houses and NOT to give away their secret. They find out that they can't go anywhere or talk, as their phones are bugged and the police are watching them. So, she texts the girls saying, "Squirrel talk before the lights go out at the Place of Origin". They meet up there, discussing Blaire and saying "It doesn't seem like Blaire to leave us in this mess". Blaire communicates with them saying "Look in the top Drawer", and this they do; they break into Blaire's room at 2:39am, where Kelsey finds what they are looking for-a note, explaining everything.

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