Season 3
No. Episode Title Upload Date Summary

New Waters

May 24, 2010 Ever since the girls visited the waterfall, everything has been out of whack. From Brenna's tail changing, to tails magically appearing, Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey are in for a spin.
2 Practice Makes Perfect June 20, 2010 While going about their normal lives, the girls come across a glass necklace. Amy invites the others over, and they practice their new powers.
3 Splash of Knowledge June 28, 2010 While out for a swim, the girls make a new friend. It also happens that this girl holds the key to finding out why Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey are mermaids.
4 Birthday Splash August 9, 2010 It's Amy' 11th birthday party so she decides to have a mall scavenger hunt. But then what happens when the girls accidentally get wet?
5 Scarce Scales September 3, 2010 Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey all decide to visit the cave. Afterwards, at Brenna's house, the girls discover something amiss...their tails. Will they get them back, or are they gone for good?
6 Answers Found October 31, 2010 While looking through her mom's old stuff, Blaire finds some information that may relate to the girls. Meanwhile, Brenna's being babysat by the worst person in the world...Tess.
7 Wild Fire December 25, 2010 Things heat up with Brenna...literally. Ever since a solar eclipse, Brenna's power and anger have been getting out of control. But when her little sister, Lily, goes missing, it's up to Amy and Kelsey to try to jog Brenna's memory.
8 Finale Part 1 April 2, 2011 It's been two years since Amy first became a mermaid. By now, you think she would be a pro at keeping her secret. Wrong! When Tess and Amy take a day trip to the dog beach, Tess decides to go. Lo and behold, the scrapbook that Kelsey made for Amy floats up. Now, it's up to Amy and the girls to retrieve the scrapbook before Tess can find out.
9 Finale Part 2 April 2, 2011 After Amy implied something about the scrapbook, Tess thought it was worth looking at. Now, Tess is trying to convince herself that Amy is actually a mermaid. Will Tess find out, or can Amy actually avoid her sister?